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The Changing Face of the UK Family: The Aviva Family Finances Report, July 2014

A journey through time...

...Over the last 40 years, UK families have changed considerably

Average full-time weekly earnings have grown from £47.70* in 1974…. (*average male weekly wages)

To more than £500 a week now….

The average UK house price in 1974 was £10,990… compared to more than £250,000 now

In 1974 nine out of 10 of children were born to married parents… compared to 53% now.

The average age of UK women giving birth has risen from 26 in 1974… to almost 30… while the number of mums giving birth over the age of 40 has grown by nearly four times

In the 1970s, nearly 2/3rds of mums with pre-school children were full time mums...

… compared to nowadays, where 2/3rds of mums combine caring for their pre-school children with work.

Which could help to explain why half of today's parents are saving into children’s accounts… compared to less than a quarter two generations ago….

… and why just one in five parents used disposable nappies during the 1970s... compared to 9 out of 10 parents now.

But some things never change. With over 300 years’ experience, we’re here to help today’s families protect their futures.

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