How does the cost of sending a child to school add up?

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As the cost of living rises, so too does the cost of schooling.

 According to Aviva research the average cost of sending a child to school is £1,614 per year, which adds up to @22,596 between ages 4 and 18. This includes £2,604 on uniforms and shoes, £5206 on school meals and packed lunches and £5,166 on transport…

More than one in four parents have bought an iPad or tablet to support their children’s education. More than one in ten parents have moved house to live in a better school catchment area.  Almost one in ten parents have paid for their children to have private tuition outside of school hours.

 Aviva offers a range of insurance products including life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection which could help cover the cost of schooling, whatever life has in store.

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All data taken from The Aviva Family Finances Report, July 2013. Research carried out by Canadean Research in May-June 2013, using a poll of 2,000 adults across the UK.

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