Are you covered for what the winter may throw at your home?

Snow is very pretty and we all love snowmen but a heavy snowfall can cause damage to roofs and outbuildings just by the sheer weight. Snowflakes may look magically light and fluffy but a build up of snow can be extremely heavy. Aviva home insurance covers storm damage to your home and this includes damage by snow storms. It’s good to keep your paths clear of snow and leaves, though if you end up making it more slippery and someone visits your home and slips and falls, you could be liable as the occupier of the property. Aviva covers you for occupier’s liability for up to £2 million.

Wind can also cause a lot of damage, if your aerial or satellite dish blows down in heavy winds and storms, you’ll be automatically covered under your buildings policy for any damage to your home; however damage to the aerial or dish is covered under the basic accidental cover on a contents policy.

Make sure your fences are maintained and secure because most insurers won’t cover you for fences which are damaged or blown down in storms or other bad weather.

On the subject of maintenance, it’s really important to keep your home well maintained and in good condition because although wind, rain, hail and snow storms included in most insurance policies, your claim could be affected if your property isn’t in good state of repair. Gutters need to be kept clear of leaves and debris as these can cause water to back up and seep into your home. Water damage of this type, caused by a lack of routine maintenance, isn’t covered by home insurance.

If you’re lucky enough to be going away for a little bit of winter sun, take a few precautions to make sure you’ll be covered, should the worst happen. A cold empty house in winter can easily lead to frozen pipes which can spell disaster.

Leave your heating to come on and maybe leave your loft hatch open. With houses being so well insulated these days, your loft can get really cold in the winter so allowing a little heat to escape into the loft while you’re away can keep the temperature above freezing.

Make sure you let your insurer know if you’re going to be away for more than the agreed number of days (this is 30 days for most of our customers, but you can see this on your policy schedule) as otherwise you may not be covered for things like frozen pipes and burglary.

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