Aviva Family Finances Report 2015

Aviva Family Finances Report 2015

Author Aira Torralba

Times change, and with them our perceptions of finance and fortune. Year on year, the Aviva Family Finances Report now looks at the progress and perceptions held by various different family types, and compares how people’s attitudes are changing as time goes by.

Aviva brings home the financial facts about our nation

In this, the 2015 Aviva Family Finances Report, we’re looking specifically at how families use their homes, how they feel about them, how they protect them and their aspirations for housing in the future.

Download the report now for more details of:

  • Our perceptions of income – family incomes are still on the rise, but single parents are feeling the strain.
  • What we’re spending our money on – it’s a mixed response: families are spending less on food, but more on paying off debts.
  • What we’re saving and why – typical monthly savings are higher than ever before.
  • The value of our homes –the price of the average family home has risen slightly.
  • How much money we owe – the average level of household debt has climbed from £9,050 to £9,520.
  • Our views on the economy – fears about interest rate rises are becoming more common while worries about the cost of living recede.
  • How our finances vary, nationwide – Londoners have the biggest incomes and savings pots, but the East Midlands is taking over as the buy-to-let capital of the UK.

2015 Spotlight – ‘Home Sweet Home’

In this year’s Family Finances Report, we’ve put the spotlight on some of the things that definitely make our properties ‘home sweet home…’ but in our research, we’ve discovered that an alarming percentage of the population is still vulnerable, without adequate contents cover or protection insurance in place.

Download the report now

This year’s report is downloadable as a PDF, and now contains historic analysis using responses from 26,000 UK consumers who have been interviewed by Aviva between December 2010 and May 2015.

The 2015 Family Finances Report was collated by surveying over 2,000 people aged 18-55, living in one of six defined family groups. All statistics in the report refer to figures released in August 2015 unless otherwise stated.

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