Busting the myths -most commonly misunderstood areas

Busting the myths -most commonly misunderstood areas

Our research reveals2 that some homeowners often aren’t aware of everything their home insurance does – and doesn’t – cover.

Interestingly, 30% of homeowners thought their policy covers ‘anything that happens to their home’, and many thought some commonly-excluded accidents were covered as standard. For example, many respondents assumed that their standard insurance cover would pay out for a boiler breakdown (16%) and home maintenance or wear and tear (12%).

When asked what their home insurance policy covered, most homeowners immediately thought of damage caused by a fire (76%). However, the most common claim made on a standard Aviva home insurance policy is actually for water leaks (23%).5

Insurance will typically protect against damage caused by unexpected water leaks, but won’t usually cover the cost of repairing things like a leaking shower seal or dripping tap – although it’s always best to check individual policies.


Reasons for most commonly rejected claims6

Mechanical breakdown


Gradual damage


Wear and tear




No damage to buildings


Pet damage


Electrical and breakdown






Faulty workmanship



2 Research conducted by ICM with 2,000 consumers; 1,000 with home insurance and 1,000 motor insurance consumers.  May 2016.

 5Breakdown of Aviva home insurance claims by % of all claims 2016

 6 Analysis of Aviva home insurance claims 2016 which are rejected due to policy exclusion

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