Cool heating: 5 amazing things modern boilers can do

Cool heating: 5 amazing things modern boilers can do

You’ve probably seen or heard about smart thermostats in the news or on TV. But what you might not know is that the latest boilers can do some pretty clever stuff too.

So if you’re in the market for a new one – or if you’d like to learn what untapped features your current boiler might have – here’s a rundown of some of the things the latest systems can do:

1. They can save you time in the morning

Always running late for work? Your boiler might be able to help you out. Give the ‘memory’ button a push on the Linea One combi boiler, and, according to the company’s website, its elephant-like brain will memorise what times of day you tend to use your hot water over a seven-day period.

It will then cleverly pre-heat itself just before that time of day – so that when you take your morning shower, for example, it’s immediately ready at just the right temperature. And you can get to the office on time for a change.

2. They can keep an eye on the weather for you

Modern boilers are much more energy-efficient than the clunky old beasts that used to inhabit our lofts, cupboards and basements. And you might even be able to save yet more energy (and therefore more money) if yours comes with built-in weather compensation technology.

If it does, all you need is to install a small weather sensor, which attaches to the outside of your building. Then, if there’s a temperature change outside, your boiler responds by increasing or decreasing the temperature of your radiators. These regular small changes enable the boiler to operate at the minimum temperature needed to keep your rooms warm, meaning less wasted heat and lower heating bills. Result.

3. They can tell you if they’re broken 

Wouldn’t it be handy if your boiler could tell you when it was about to break? Well, now it can. Since 2016, German manufacturer Viessmann has been offering a range of boilers which can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi signal. According to reports, if your boiler develops a fault, it will let your installer know and send diagnostic directly data to their phone.

4. They can fit inside the tiniest space

Haven’t got enough room to swing a cat in your flat or house – let alone squeeze in a large boiler, water tank and hot water cylinder? Don’t fret about it. These days, many ‘combi’ boilers (the most popular kind in the UK) will fit inside a standard-sized kitchen cupboard, and provide hot water and heating without the need for any additional tanks.

Most of them are powerful enough to serve flats and houses with up to three bedrooms, though if you have more than that (or have more than one bathroom) you may be better off with a different type instead.

5. And they’ll even look out for your kids 

As any parent knows, you can’t watch your children every minute of every day. And the water from domestic taps can get extremely hot. A bad combination. That’s why all new hot water systems now enable you to fix the maximum temperature of your hot water at a safe level – often under 50°C. So when they inevitably do get up to mischief, at least you can feel confident then won’t be getting a nasty burn from the bathroom tap.

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