Holiday weekend decorating projects

Holiday weekend decorating projects

Author Aira Torralba

New home, new Bank Holiday weekend decorating projects

Picked up the keys to your new home? Ready to roll your sleeves up and start decorating? If there's a Bank Holiday weekend on the horizon, then you've got a whole extra day to make use of. That's brilliant news if this is the first time you've done DIY or decorating in your own home.

Time passes quickly though, so it's a good idea to think about what else you'll be doing. Then you can plan your weekend sensibly around those exciting decorating projects. These quick ideas and their timeframes may give you some ideas about what's possible (and what's not), before you put those decorating gloves on:

Hour-long projects

  • Smarten up a sideboard with a coat of gloss paint, use a leftover wallpaper border as decoration
  • Use children's art supplies to decorate a vase, add hedgerow flowers to freshen up the bathroom
  • Felt-pens, stationery labels, a little artistic flair – you can pop-art those kitchen spice tubs easily

Half-day projects

  • Give a cheap, old kitchen table a rub down, then cheer it up with a couple of coats of trendy paint
  • Refresh a whole room, instantly, by painting a bright contrasting 'feature panel' on one wall
  • Invest in a small tub of blackboard paint, add long-lasting 'memo space' to the kitchen walls

Full-on weekend

  • Are the walls in good condition? If so, then a wash down, an undercoat and two coats of paint are relatively easy to achieve in a long weekend: you'll need time between each coat for the paint to dry.
    More than one room to do? Don't overdo it. Plan for one room per weekend.
  • Have you found some contrasting wallpaper? Stripping old paper off - properly - is what takes up time. Instead of using a steam-cleaner (which is heavy on electricity), invest in good scraping tools. But a feature wall is achievable, and could make a huge difference to a room in a small amount of time.
    Wallpapering takes time! Put at least 80% of your effort into preparing the walls.
  • How about those kitchen cupboards? Revamping them is easy, and needn't cost the earth. If they're wood or wood grain, the key is to prime the surface by rubbing it down well with sandpaper. Use a dry-brush and a contrasting colour for an on-trend effect. If they're MDF or melamine, then a coat of gloss paint in-and-out could make your kitchen look as good as new.
    Refresh your cupboards, then get your friends round for that housewarming meal...


Don't forget to add in time for meals, time-off, friends dropping in... will the whole three-day weekend be free? Will you have well-meaning visitors causing a distraction? Or do you need some time off too, over that Bank Holiday? Ripping off wallpaper is exciting, but it does take time to put paint back on those walls!

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