Security tips for your home

Security tips for your home

Homeowners worry more about their pets when leaving the house than getting burgled, according to home and pet insurer Aviva. Brits don’t like leaving pets home alone in case they get lonely, create a mess or make a noise. 

The new research from Aviva found that the next biggest concerns include accidentally leaving on the oven or hair straighteners, not locking the door or leaving a window open. Many have put extra security measures in place to protect themselves and their belongings.

Two-thirds (64%) of homeowners dont believe darker nights put them at greater risk of burglary. However, our claims data shows that household theft claims rise by 5% in the week after the clocks go back compared to the week before. (2)

Simon Warsop, home and pet insurance expert at Aviva said: “Britain is undoubtedly a nation of pet-lovers but as the nights get darker home security should be paramount. Burglars are more likely to break into homes under the cover of darkness so don’t make it easy for them. Now is the time to install outside security lighting, double-check your windows and doors before you go out and consider a home security device.   

“There are some really innovative, simple and affordable home security devices on the market today. We’re working with Canary, whose mobile home security devices are the size of a pint glass and work using smartphone technology via an app.” (3)

Tips to deter burglars
• If you are hosting a Halloween or bonfire night party in you back garden make sure front windows and doors are locked.
• Leave a radio and lights on to give the impression that people are at home.
• Use a timer switch to turn lights on as it gets dark.
• Avoid telling strangers who know your address – such as delivery men – that your house is likely to be empty.
• Put your car and bikes in your garage or out of the way for the night and don’t leave your keys in an obvious place.
• Move garden ornaments and potted plants from the front of your house and out of sight.
• Make sure sheds, garages and outbuildings have robust locks.

Aviva Claims Data

Halloween (31 October) is the worst day of the year for malicious damage to the home with claims soaring by 160%. It is also one of the worst days for car thefts (up by 20%).

Bonfire Night (05 November) is the second worst day for malicious damage to the home, with double the normal amount of claims. It is also the worst day for home burglary – 22% higher than the rest of the year. Unsurprisingly, it is also one of the worst days for fire claims with 60% more than on an average day.


(1) Aviva commissioned polling with OnePoll of 2,000 UK 18+ adults surveyed online between 7th -9th October 2015– unless stated otherwise.
(2) Ten year’s worth of Aviva Claims Data 2005-14
(3) New customers who purchase home insurance direct from Aviva, either via or by telephone, between 00:01hrs 01 October and 30 November 2015 will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win one of 500 all-in-one home security devices from Canary.NFPZZA0444

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