Keeping in touch through social media

Keeping in touch through social media

Our digital customer service team: from left Dave, Marv, Steve and Steph

For millions of people social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, is a great way of keeping in touch and maintaining, or even renewing, contact with friends and family.

While many people may see Facebook and Twitter as places for 'social' contact, we're using them as customer service channels to successfully respond to customer queries and claims.

We were the first insurance company to offer customer service through Facebook and Twitter and today we respond to over 450 queries a month covering car and home insurance, health, pensions and savings. Our digital customer service enables us to offer swift resolution and assistance, often in real time, providing customers with reassurance 12 hours a day Monday-Friday (8am – 8pm), 8 hours on Saturday (9am – 5pm) and 6 hours on Sunday (10am – 4pm).

In addition to our digital customer service, our Facebook and Twitter pages offer valuable advice and guidance on a regular basis across range of insurance, health and retirement topics which you can access if you visit or ‘Like’ our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. You'll also get news and updates on our Aviva Advantages offers and discounts for customers and any new products or apps.

To find out more click on the Facebook and Twitter links now.

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