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There can be more to protecting your domestic life than ensuring your home and contents are covered. Disputes with neighbours or your employer, disagreements over contracts, or even personal injury claims can leave you in need of legal assistance.

Our 24 hour legal helpline gives you access to legal professionals who can give you confidential advice on any personal legal matter such as consumer, property or neighbour disputes, or issues relating to the terms of your employment. The helpline also gives you access to advice on personal tax matters; for example, tax relief and allowances, capital gains and inheritance tax.

For additional peace of mind you can add our home legal services protection. If you take this option we’ll provide you with up to £100,000 in legal costs to pursue or defend your case in a wide range of situations; for example, property or boundary disputes, employment disputes such as sexual or racial discrimination, personal injury or clinical negligence, and consumer disputes such as faulty goods.

Not only that, we cover everyone in your family who lives at your address. Making a claim won’t affect your no claim discount and there’s no excess to pay.

And that’s it – insurance made a little easier.

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