What to do with your home and car after the snow is gone

What to do with your home and car after the snow is gone

Here’s some advice about what to do if your home or car has been affected during snow or freezing weather– and how to avoid remaining hazards:  

Driving safely after the snow

  • Wash your car to prevent grit and salt in the slush damaging the bodywork.
  • Watch out for black ice on the roads.
  • Drive slowly through puddles - drenching pedestrians or cyclists could lead to a fine of up to £5,000.
  • Be alert for localised floods. Prevent engine damage by driving through pools of water very slowly and at a constant speed - but avoid them if at all possible. Driving too fast creates a bow wave which can in turn flood adjacent properties.
  • Do not drive through flowing water.
  • Look out for potholes, they can seriously damage your car. 

What to do if your home’s been damaged

  • If you’ve suffered water damage, allow air to circulate to speed up the drying process and prevent mould forming – don’t redecorate until it’s completely dry.
  • Take photographs and keep receipts and damaged items to help with your insurance claim.
  • If your home’s in danger from flooding, put sandbags or boards against doors, plug sinks and baths, block drainage and overflow holes and place sandbags in toilets. Move everything you can upstairs and turn off the gas, electricity and water before any water enters your home.

Check outside your home so no damage goes unnoticed

  • Look at your roof to ensure no tiles or slates are damaged or dislodged and there is no damage to flashings, guttering, rainwater goods or conservatories.
  • Ensure mortar pointing and render is maintained in good condition. Minor cracks should be investigated as they can lead to further damage.
  • Check the condition of any exposed timber such as windows, barge boards, facias and soffits.
  • Check your fences and outbuildings for damage so you can fix any problems quickly.
  • Cracked paving slabs on paths and patios are a tripping hazard, so replace broken ones to avoid injury.

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