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Blair Turnbull, Aviva's UK Digital Managing Director, on how we're making insurance "beautifully simple and rewarding"


Welcome to the Aviva Digital Garage.

We’re here to talk to you today about how we’re making insurance beautifully simple and rewarding.

In a recent survey with Censuswide in the UK, they found that 2 in 5 people found filling in an insurance form, harder than completing a GCSE exam!

One third also went on to say, that they simply gave up because we were asking them questions about their home; that even they didn’t know.

We want to rethink insurance. We want it to be a beautiful, simple and rewarding experience, not a tricky and frustrating one and we’re really excited to launch something that we’re working on around getting a quote, not a quiz.

So, check it out, have a look at the advertisement – we hope you enjoy it!

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Tell me.

It is your house isn’t it?

You’ve been living there for 7 years!

For the last time, does your door lock conform to British standards BS3621?

I don’t know!

Nobody knows!

Some Home Insurance questions can feel impossible to answer, so we don’t ask them.

Get a quote, not a quiz at Aviva.

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1. Excludes home emergency and legal cover