Stewardship committee of reference

Stewardship aims to provide investment portfolios that are socially, ethically and environmentally sound which invest in companies with a high standard of corporate governance.

The independent Stewardship Committee of Reference provides expert advice and guidance on matters related to the philosophy and investment policies of the funds. The Committee provides oversight and regularly reviews our Stewardship investment policies, proposing any changes it feels are necessary for Stewardship to remain at the forefront of responsible investing. It meets regularly to ensure the current thinking on responsible investment issues are reflected in the Stewardship funds, with support and input from the fund managers and other specialists, as necessary.

Fund managers gather and evaluate information from a wide range of sources such as outside research agencies – including MSCI, Bloomberg and the Ethical Investment Research Service (EIRIS) - non-governmental organisations (including pressure groups), academics and other organisations.

The Committee also works closely with Aviva to ensure it has a good understanding of the views of Stewardship investors. Stewardship's policies evolve in response to changing circumstances, the expectations of responsible investors and our current understanding of relevant issues.

Stewardship Committee – Chair’s Report (PDF 83KB)

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