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All about cash

A warm welcome to the last Thinking Ahead of 2016. It’s been nothing if not a memorable year, and all of us at Aviva hope you’ll finish it off by having a very enjoyable festive season.

In the spirit of seeing off 2016, we’re taking a glance back at ‘the year of surprises’ and how things have changed in the world of personal finance. At the same time, we also look towards some significant events due in 2017.

Whatever next year holds, it’s important to make sure you look carefully at all your options when you’re preparing for the future. To help with this, we’ll be taking a more detailed look at the main investments or ‘assets’ that you can use to meet your goals. These are cash, shares (also known as ‘equities’) and bonds. Over the next three issues, we’ll be asking what are the advantages and disadvantages of each, what risks are involved, and when might you use one particular type of asset in preference to the others.

By understanding how each of these assets work, you’ll gain more confidence in making investment decisions. You’ll also be able to better manage the ups and downs of the market and your own changing financial needs.

This month, we’ll get started by taking a closer look at the asset that most investors (and non-investors, for that matter!) understand best: cash.

Hope you find this information valuable – and, once again, best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

John Lawson - Editor

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