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Welcome to your February issue

You are 150 times more likely to be struck by lightning than to win the UK lottery jackpot.

All change in April… make sure you're ready

February often seems like a bit of a 'nothing' month. Apart from Valentine's and Pancake Day, the second month of the year often seems a bit devoid of character. But for savers and investors, this is an important time to get your finances in order. February marks the start of the 'ISA season' – the run-up to the tax-year end, when investments into ISAs peak as 5 April approaches.

This issue of Thinking Ahead looks at the UK's two main investment plans – ISAs and pensions – to help you work out which solution, or solutions, may be best for you. We also spotlight the important new tax changes – affecting bank account interest as well as income from dividends – coming into effect with the new tax year.

Some of this may appear quite 'technical' but it's worth investing some time to get to grips with these rules as they could potentially save you some tax... which, I'm sure you'll agree, is never a bad thing!

John Lawson - Editor

Big changes to the way bank account interest is taxed

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How dividend income is taxed – what’s new

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