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Women born in England in 2064 are predicted to have a life expectancy of 100.

Another new year: time to stop and take stock

Another new year, another set of new year's resolutions! The promises we all make to ourselves are actually a great way to refocus on things that are good for us.

Most resolutions tend to centre on two main areas: health and money. For example, "I'm going to get fit and lose a few pounds" or, "I'm going to rein in my spending and gain a few pounds"!

In many cases, it's also possible to kill two birds with one stone, meaning that you don't have to give all your attention to just one goal.

This issue of Thinking Ahead is about stopping to take stock of your goals and how money plays a part in helping you achieve your aims.

To help you do this we've produced four short articles on successful financial planning. Read them in order and you'll have a 4-step guide to making sure your finances are in the right kind of shape to face the new year with confidence. Take a look now!

John Lawson - Editor

Step 1 - Financial goals

Set your financial goals and be clear on what you want to achieve

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Step 2 - A new broom

Getting to grips with income and expenditure

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