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Welcome to your January issue

Stocks and shares demystified

Welcome to 2017’s first issue of Thinking Ahead. I hope the new year’s been kind to you so far. This month we’re looking at one of the most familiar and least understood words in the investment world: shares.

Stocks, shares or equities? In fact, they all amount to much the same thing. And while the lingo might be confusing, shareholdings in public limited companies have historically provided amongst the best investment returns. If you are a long-term investor, whether saving up for retirement or drawing a retirement income from your fund, don’t rule out investing in shares.

Many people fear investing in shares because they don’t understand them. In this issue, we look at what they are, how they work, the potential rewards and the risks.

Hopefully, after reading this month’s magazine, you’ll have a better understanding of what shares are and how to invest in them. Or alternatively, take an informed decision not to invest. Read on...

John Lawson - Editor

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