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Welcome to your March issue

The tax year has started on 6 April since the year 1800

Taking the lid off the pension pot

With light nights on the way and the weather improving (we hope!), this is one time of year when it feels like change is in the air. It’s also nearly a year since the government introduced its new pension freedoms, and the 11 months since last April have certainly seen some changes in the way people spend their pension pots.

This issue of Thinking Ahead examines the main ways you can take money from your pension pot and offers some tips on what you might think about before deciding on which method you prefer. Hope you find it useful.

John Lawson - Editor

If you’re considering taking all your pension as a cash lump sum

What to think about before you make a decision

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Taking the tax-free portion of your pension?

Looking at the option of taking 25% of your pension tax free and leaving the rest

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