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Guaranteed income when you've retired - as good as it sounds?

Annuities: when do they make sense?

Last month we covered one of the main ways of taking income from pension savings: lifetime income withdrawals.

The other main alternative for providing a lifetime income is an annuity. An annuity is simply a guaranteed income for life paid by an insurance company.

In this issue of Thinking Ahead, we'll look at why you might want to buy an annuity and what you should think about before buying one.

For those who already have an annuity, we'll also look ahead to government plans to allow people to sell their annuity from April 2017.

This month's investment feature looks at negative interest rates; the oddity in some countries of savers paying their bank to look after their savings, rather than the bank paying them interest. Even stranger, some people are earning interest on their mortgage loans. Stewart Robertson explains what is going on and why.

You can also read our regular Round-up of retirement-related topics in the news.

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John Lawson - Editor

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