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Welcome to your May issue

Investing in buy-to-let to help fund your retirement

One of the perennial questions surrounding retirement planning is how investing in buy-to-let property stacks up against putting money in a pension. It’s been fiercely debated for a number of years.

In this month’s Thinking Ahead we’ll be comparing the two – never an easy task given the lack of data on residential property rental payments and yields.

However, there are two main issues that ought to be considered:

  1. The return on your investment/savings, net of costs.
  2. The tax treatment of your investments and savings.

We’ll tackle the two components of returns from property – rental yields and capital returns –as well as looking at the performance of the equities which usually make up a large proportion of many people’s pension fund.

Hope it helps you to get your thoughts together.

John Lawson - Editor

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