Bringing your retirement planning to life


When you’re planning for retirement, it’s one thing to understand the facts and another to see what they might mean to you personally.

That’s why we’ve produced some simple tools and calculators, so you can enter some figures of your own and get a clearer idea of where you stand.

To find out how our online tools can help you, take a look at our short video

Our tools and calculators

My Retirement Planner

Use the Planner to assess the estimated future value of your personal pension plans and how much income they may provide you with in retirement.

Pension annuity calculator

Find out all about pension annuities and see how much income you could get from your pension fund.

Annuity quick quote

If you're short of time, get a quick quote on how much you could get if you choose an annuity to bring you an income in retirement.

Budget calculator

Having a clear idea of your regular expenses is an important part of retirement planning. Use our budget calculator to see exactly where your money goes. It's quick and easy to use and an ideal place to start if you want some help budgeting.

Inheritance calculator

Tot up your assets and find out whether your loved ones will be left with an inheritance tax bill with our inheritance tax calculator.

For more information – or to try out the tools for yourself – visit our tools and calculator page


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