Investment comment from Aviva Investors

I’m delighted to have the honour of writing the first column by Aviva Investors for Thinking Ahead. As the asset management business of the Aviva Group, we manage £290 billion of assets for Aviva and other investors, ranging from large companies and pension schemes to individual customers like you.

Our primary purpose as an asset manager is no different from Aviva’s objective as an insurance company: to protect our customers from uncertainty. In our case, that means a commitment to delivering positive investment outcomes.

What we all want from investment

The range of assets you can invest in is vast, but in more than twenty years of speaking to customers, I’ve come to realise there are four financial goals common to everyone:

  • To grow savings
  • To earn a reliable income
  • To beat inflation or;
  • To meet a specific future liability.

Our approach is based around helping customers achieve these outcomes, whether they invest in one of our multi-strategy funds – which combine the best ideas from across our company – or our component funds, which provide exposure to a single asset class, such as equities or property.

I’m proud to represent a team of highly capable and experienced investment professionals, based here in the UK and in other major financial centres around the world – including Singapore, Chicago and Paris. It’s their job to monitor the forces that shape the global economy and drive financial markets, as well as to talk to thousands of companies every year to find out what is happening on the ground.

These insights help our fund managers decide where to invest. I’ll hand over the responsibility of writing future columns to them, which I’m sure will give you an informed picture of the key opportunities and challenges we see ahead. I hope you’ll find their views interesting, and more importantly, useful.

Euan Munro,

CEO, Aviva Investors

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