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If you have a pension, then you're an investor...

The June issue of Thinking Ahead is out now - and this month, we're looking at the way in which the money in your pension plan is invested.

Many people wouldn't think of themselves as investors simply because they have a pension plan - especially if they leave fund managers to make decisions on how their money is invested. Maybe this sounds like you?

Open up your newsletter and you'll find a plain-English "phrasebook" to help you understand the language of investment. The way your money is invested goes a long way towards determining the size of your pension pot when you retire - so getting familiar with the terms used has to be worthwhile!

And make sure you don't miss our latest Savings and Investment video, which might help you decide what options may be right for you.  

Important issues tackled in your June newsletter:

  • The four asset classes - what they are and why people invest in them
  • Are we still underestimating life expectancy?
  • Which are the best countries to retire to?

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