March - Thinking Ahead newsletter

Published: 9 March 2015

It's nearly new tax year. Are you ready for it?

Most people know that the end of one tax year and the start of another is a good time to organise their finances. But what are the deadlines? What are the allowances you need to think about? And - the big one - what can you do to save tax?

In your March issue of Thinking Ahead you can find the answers to important questions like these. We've included a new tax year checklist to help you make sure you won't wake up on 6 April wondering what you should have done.

We'll help you to look at issues such as using your capital gains tax allowance, making the most of ISAs and - on a retirement theme - how you could use pension contributions to lower your tax bill or even qualify for extra benefits.

In Thinking Ahead you can find out about:

  • Carrying forward unused allowance for tax relief
  • The new pension rules and how you could access your money
  • What the new state pension forcast service is all about
  • What to do if you've lost track of a pension


AR01366 03/2015


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