‘My Retirement Planner’ – a simple tool to help you gather your thoughts


Where do I begin?”... it’s a question many people ask themselves when they’re thinking about retirement planning. We can help!

‘My Retirement Planner’ is a new online tool we’ve developed to help you get your thoughts together. You’ll find it in the Retirement Centre section of our website.  

Who will find the planner useful?

You’ll find the Planner useful if you’re quite close to retirement and want to get some idea of how much income your plans might provide when you’ve retired. Equally, it could be that you’re many years away from retiring, but understand the importance of planning ahead and want some help in deciding how much you should be saving.

How to use the planner

You simply enter some personal information including your age, the amount in any pension plans you may hold and the level of contributions you’re currently making. Everything you enter remains confidential. The Planner will then produce an estimate of how your plans could support your income needs. You can use it to see what effect different levels of contributions and different retirement ages could have on the amount you’ll have to live on once you’ve retired.

The important thing to remember is that the Planner is simply designed to help you focus your thoughts – it isn’t designed to provide an accurate picture of your income during retirement. Before you make any decisions, we strongly recommend that you should talk to an adviser.

We hope this online tool can help you with your retirement planning... especially if you’ve been feeling unsure where to begin!  

Why not visit our Retirement Centre now? You can try out the Planner and find more support to help you with your retirement planning.



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