Thinking Ahead - special edition

Published: 19 March 2015

New pension rules take effect on 6 April. Are you ready?

Ever since the 2014 Budget, people people have been talking about the big changes to pensions which the Chancellor announced. But the really big date for your diary is 6 April, when many of the most important changes first come into effect.

Because the new rules will be so important to many of our readers, we've produced a special edition of Thinking Ahead. It highlights some important areas to think about before the big day arrives - and there's also a really helpful article by independent pensions expert Dr Ros Altman.

Open up your special edition of Thinking Ahead now and find out about:

Taking the money or leaving the pot...things to consider

Annuities, income drawdown or both?

How the new pension rules affect inheritence issues

The importance of advice and where to get it.


AR01388 03/2015


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