Select Investment

An investment bond from Aviva

This information is designed to help you understand more about our investment bond before you make any decisions and not to provide you with financial advice.

What is Select Investment?

Select Investment is our investment bond. It offers a wide range of funds, some of which give you the chance to invest in the stock market without having to buy and sell stocks and shares yourself.

With Select Investment you can invest for growth, income or a combination of both - whatever suits your needs.

You can invest in up to 10 funds at any one time and switch your money between funds at any time. There are no charges for switching funds.

You can invest for as long as you like but you should see your bond as a long term investment. This normally means at least five years.

How does it work?

You give us your money and we’ll invest it in the funds you choose. In turn, the funds invest in assets like equities (stocks and shares), gilts, corporate bonds and property. Your investment earns returns based on the performance of each of these assets. The value of these assets – and the value of your investment – can go down as well as up. You might get back less than you paid in. By investing in a range of different funds, you spread the risk to your money, as you're not putting all your eggs in one basket.

The minimum amount you can put into Select Investment is £10,000. There’s no upper limit unless you choose to invest in our With-Profit Fund, and then it’s £1,000,000.

You can invest alone or with another person. You need to be between 12 and 85 years old.

From ages 12 to 15 the proposal needs to be signed by a parent/guardian.

We'll send you a yearly statement to tell you how your investment is doing.

The amount you’ll get back depends on:

  • how long you invest for
  • the performance of the funds you choose
  • our charges and any money you take out.

What should I consider when choosing Select Investment?

Select Investment may be suitable for me if I:

  • have at least £10,000 to invest over the long term
  • have used up my ISA allowance for this year
  • am a basic or higher rate income tax payer
  • am prepared to accept some risk to my money.

Select Investment may not be suitable for me if I:

  • need easy access to my money at all times
  • haven’t got spare cash on hand for an emergency
  • don’t want to take any risks with my money
  • don’t pay income tax
  • prefer the certainty of interest I earn from a bank or building society account
  • want to make regular payments into an investment fund.

What are the benefits and risks?


  • Growth potential over the long term
  • Offers a wide range of funds from professional fund managers, including some with different levels of guarantees
  • Invest for growth, income, or both
  • Take regular or one-off withdrawals
  • Switch money between funds without charge


  • The value of your investment can go down as well as up
  • You may get back less than your original investment.
  • Any money you take out of your bond will reduce the amount you get back. You may get back less than your original investment.
  • If you move money out of one of our funds with a money-back guarantee when the guarantee doesn't apply, you may not get back the amount you originally invested.

Select Investment Funds to invest in

Your money is invested in a fund or funds, which are managed by expert fund managers. Select Investment offers you a wide choice of funds managed by Aviva and other leading fund providers. Read more about the funds to invest in. You can also read more about our guaranteed funds in our 'The guaranteed selection' brochure (PDF 1,403KB).

Applying for Select Investment

You need to speak to a financial adviser to apply for Select Investment. An adviser will be able to help you decide if this is the right investment for you and go through the application process.

If you don’t have a financial adviser you can find an adviser in your area at Unbiased. Where advice is provided there may be an additional cost to you.

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