What benefits could I claim when I’m retired?

In a nutshell

Most people know that they may be entitled to claim State Pension when they reach pensionable age. But what about other benefits? Here are some that you may be able to claim.

Health, mobility and care

  • If you have a disability which means you need help with mobility or care costs, you may be able to claim a tax-free benefit to help with this. You can find out more at the UK government page about Disability Living Allowance.
  • If you're over 60, you should get free prescriptions and eye tests on the NHS. And if you receive Pension Credit, you could also get free NHS dental treatment. When you reach 65, you'll get a free flu jab every year, too.

You and your home

  • You may be eligible to receive a reduction in the amount of council tax you pay – maybe up to 100% of your bill. To apply for this you’ll need to contact your local council. The Find your local council page on the government’s gov.uk website is a good place to start.
  • If you pay rent, you could claim housing benefit. This depends on how much income and the level of savings you have. To find out whether you qualify, visit the UK government page about housing benefit.
  • Under certain circumstances, the government pays seasonal benefits which could help you save money on energy costs. You can find out about these by visiting the UK government pages about the winter fuel payment and cold weather payment.

Help with bills and travel

  • Free or subsidised off-peak travel on local buses when you reach pensionable age. Enter your postcode on the UK Government older person’s bus pass page to find out how to claim your bus pass.
  • If you're over 60, a senior rail card will cost you £30 for one year or £70 for three years. With it, you'll save a third of the cost of rail journeys throughout Britain. Buy one online at the senior railcard site or ask at the train station.
  • Free TV licence from the age of 75 – you can find out more and apply online at the TV Licence website.

Please note the information above is based on our current understanding when the page was published and is subject to change. You should check the details are correct with the relevant government, or other, provider before making any financial decisions and seek advice for your individual circumstances, for which there may be a charge.

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