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Preparing for the future with pastry chef Emeline

Video transcript

A State Pension is a regular payment you can get from the government when you reach State Pension age.

Your age, gender and National Insurance record will affect the amount you’ll get and when you will be eligible to start receiving it.

To get it, you must have paid or been credited with sufficient National Insurance contributions.

Emeline, a 32-year-old pastry chef, moved from France to the UK three years ago. With a talent for creating delicious treats, Emeline has travelled the world from the US to Dubai, and is now the head chef at a bakery in London. However, she also has talents in others areas, with a wealth of knowledge and a super savvy attitude when it comes to pensions.

What does your future look like?

Due to her proactive nature, Emeline was able to buy a house when she was 21. Like a quarter (26%)1 of young people who own a home, she expects the price of this will rise and this will act as an extra source of income when she gets older.

Emeline tells us that the most important things in her life are her family, her boyfriend, and her eight year old boxer dog. Looking to the future, she says she would like to have the opportunity to buy a property in London when she is ready to settle down and start growing her family.

I think it’s all about ambition, where you would like to go in life. For me it’s crucial to think about the future, to save, to always have a plan B, and to work hard to have a better future.

Unfortunately, over half (52%)2 of homeowners over 45 want to provide for their loved ones but are concerned they won’t have enough money to do so when they retire. In order for her future to come to life as she envisioned, Emeline recognises that it pays to pay early and applies long term thinking to her financial decisions.

Planning for the long term

Emeline has a very clear approach to getting the retirement she wants and tells us she plans to “work, work, work - and maybe win the lottery!” Although she says this in jest, in fact nearly one in five (17%) 18-35 year olds are relying on winning the lottery as a pension option3. With odds of 1 in 45 million4 of winning the jackpot, this isn’t the wisest of decisions!

On a more serious note, Emeline jumped on the opportunity to contribute as much as she could afford into her workplace pension, she told us: “When they announced the scheme I went for it - it’s such a good way to start saving for your future.” She’s also planning on starting a personal pension to supplement her State Pension as soon as she can afford to do so. It is worth a mention that the value of an investment can go up and down, and you could get back less than what is paid in.

What is a state pension?

  • It’s a sum of money that’s paid out to you in regular intervals once you reach retirement age.
  • How much you’ll get and when you can claim will depend on the national insurance contributions you’ve made as well as your age and gender.
  • You can also save for a workplace or individual pension, which gives you an added way to get closer to the standard of living you expect when you get older.

You can find out more information on what you can expect from the State Pension here.

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1 Aviva Family Finance Report 2016 – Page 15

2 Aviva Real Retirement Report 2016 – Page 17

3 Aviva Family Finance Report 2016 - Page 15

4 playlotto.org.uk/lottery/uklottery_odds.html

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