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Time for a reality check

Video transcript

VO: Adam and Toni are taking part in a social experiment.

Director: Three. Two. One. Open your eyes.

Toni: Oh my God, I look like my nan.

Adam: Whoa, that is freaky.

VO: This week they will experience what their lives could be like when they’re older.

Toni: But there are so many nice things…!

Adam: *sighs*

VO: They don’t realise it yet, but they’re both living on the money their current pension provisions might allow them.

VO: It’s time to let them know the total amount they could be living on when they retire.

The Shape My Future tool uses simple inputs to give a basic idea of retirement income. Details of assumptions available at Aviva.co.uk.

Adam: *sighs*

Toni: Wow, that’s amazing. I’m quite proud of myself!

Adam: That is pretty shocking. I’m gonna do something about it.

VO: There’s no excuse for making pensions complicated. We’re making it easier for you to plan your future.

VO: Find out how at aviva.co.uk.

There’s truth in the saying ‘no time like the present’ – and when it comes to saving for your retirement, the sooner you start, the better.

We put two weekly retirement budgets to the test and threw in a few prosthetics to give our volunteers a glimpse of what the future could hold. The result? Two very different retirement lifestyles… 

WC04282 09/2017

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