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Our calculator is a simple way to get an idea of the income you might receive from our pension annuity.

It's quick and easy-to-use. Just tell us some basic information about you and the value of any pensions you may have. We'll then use this information to give you an estimated income figure based on our own pension annuity.

Quick and easy-to-use

Our calculator will ask you 3 simple questions, just input your age, post code and any pension funds you have

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Before using our calculator

There are some things you need to be aware of before using our calculator:

  • This calculator isn’t intended to provide personalised advice or give personal recommendations and the quote you receive isn't guaranteed
  • This quote is designed for people who have one or more pensions from any provider - this excludes defined benefits (final salary pensions)
  • To give you an estimated income figure, we have made some assumptions:
    • You take 25% of your pension fund as a tax-free lump sum
    • Your annuity is set up to pay out to only you, with no income to any dependent or spouse
    • Your annuity is paid monthly and the income doesn’t increase over time
    • Your annuity is guaranteed to pay out for 1 year no matter what
    • You are in good health.

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Pension Wise from MoneyHelper is a free, impartial, government-backed guidance service. If you're 50 or over and you want to understand your retirement options, make it your first port of call.

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