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High-involvement investment options

Take a hands-on role in managing your investments

If you're a confident investor and want to take a hands-on role managing your investment, these options are for you.

If you’re choosing an investment option, make sure it’s suitable for your circumstances and level of risk you’re comfortable with.

Remember, that as well as the options below, your employer may offer different investment options specific to their scheme. For details of what these investment approaches are, check the information they’ve given you about their scheme.

Things to consider

We currently offer two types of investment approaches – Self-style and Phased Switching (which are explained below). They're both pre-determined investment paths through which we’ll automatically move your money between specified funds.

  • We'll automatically move your money on set dates, regardless of market performance and economic conditions at that time. As a result, it may not move at a time that gives you the best return on your investment.
  • These investment approaches work based on the age you’ve told us you want to retire. If you decide to take your retirement benefits from your pension pot earlier or later than your chosen retirement age, it may be worth reviewing how your money is invested.
  • If you intend to change the way you take your retirement benefits or how you invest your money, we recommend you speak to a financial adviser to go over your investment choices.
  • If you’re close to your chosen retirement age, there may be less chance for investment growth because you have less time to invest.
  • Because you should aim for growth in the early years, and we aim to prepare for your retirement in later years, you could receive a lower return from the funds we move your money into than from the funds you were previously invested in. There's also a greater possibility that the investment return from the funds we move your money to may not cover your charges.
  • Please remember, the value of your pension pot can go down as well as up, and is not guaranteed and you might get back less than the amount paid in.
  • Whether a Self-style or Phased Switching investment approach is right for you will depend on your individual circumstances, so we recommend you speak to a financial adviser.
  • We’ll write to you before we start moving your funds – and you can change your investment choice at any time.

Self-style Universal approach

Self-style Annuity approach

Phased Switching Universal approach

Phased Switching Annuity approach

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