Collective investment funds

Details for Aviva and ex-Friends Life funds


You can find details of charges for our Collective Investment funds in the Key Information Documents for the relevant fund and share class and additional information can be found in the Supplementary Information Document. You can also find the charges for our Collective Investment funds on the fund factsheets. Access to Fund factsheets and Key Information Documents is through the Aviva Fund Centre.


This covers the Aviva products such as ISAs, ICVCs and Unit Trusts.

How to change funds

Write to us

If you prefer to write to us, please detail the funds you wish to switch out of/into, whether they're regular or future payments, and by which percentages.

Aviva Investors
Administration Office
PO Box 10410
CM99 2AY

Contact us

0800 051 2003

Monday to Friday 8:30 - 17:30

Calls may be recorded and/or monitored.


Ex-Friends Life

How to change funds

You can change your ex-Friends Life funds by sending instructions by post. We may, for single life policies, also be able to accept your instructions by other methods. Visit our contact us page to find the appropriate address or number for your policy. All legal owners including Trustees (if applicable) of the policy must sign written instructions. If you're unsure who has to sign to agree to the switch or redirection, please contact us and we'll let you know.

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