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Pension Tracker is an exciting way for you to take control of your Aviva pension plan. It's an online service that helps you manage your pension at a convenient time to suit you.

Pension Tracker has been designed by customers for customers to give you access to all the information, tools and tips you need, just when you need them.

It takes only a few minutes to register with Pension Tracker. Once you've registered and logged in, you can take control of your pension plan and see whether you're doing all you need to do to have a financially secure retirement. You won't be able to to use Pension Tracker if you have a Pension Portfolio product with us.

Benefits of Pension Tracker

With the tools and information we provide, you'll be able to better understand how your pension plan is performing. After all, this is the money that will see you through your retirement, so you want to check that you have enough to give you a reasonable standard of living when you are no longer working.

Pension Tracker features


  • View your regular payments and the total paid
  • Statement - view a breakdown of your payments
  • A summary of all payments made into or out of your pension plan, including any made by your employer, and any tax relief.

Retirement planner

  • View projections
  • Change your regular contributions
  • Re-commence your contributions
  • Make a one off payment


  • View funds available
  • Switch funds
  • See the types of investments you have and their value, and monitor your pension fund's performance.

Plan value

  • View current plan value
  • View past values
  • View the number of units and bid prices

Other Features

  • A choice of calculators and tools, including an interactive budget planner, and a retirement planner tool which allows you to see what your plan could be worth on retirement. There's also a 'What if?' calculator to demonstrate the effects any adjustments you make could have on your retirement income.

Log in for registered customers

After you've logged in, simply click on one of the Pension Tracker links.

How do I register?

To see if your policy is currently available online, click the register button and enter a few personal details.
You'll need your policy details to hand.


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