Brits relying on holidays to spend quality time with extended family and friends

  • Half of UK holidaymakers travel with extended family and friends to gain some much needed quality time together
  • A third go on holidays with extended groups to save on costs
  • One in five benefits from a free holiday by travelling in larger groups

It seems jetting off abroad for some time-out from home life is now a thing of the past. New research by us¹ reveals that holidaymakers are increasingly going away with grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins and friends in a bid to get some quality time together compared to a decade ago. The study reveals that more than a third (35%) actively choose to go on holidays with friends and extended family members.

Outside of key periods in the year for “family time” like Christmas and New Year, the research reveals that the top reason for Britons to go away in extended groups is to spend more quality time together (51%). Out of those who go on these group holidays, 35% feel more inspired to do more exciting activities and nearly a third (32%) say it helps to share the burden of costs. More than one in ten (15%) say group holidays allow them to share childcare responsibilities.

The research also showed that those holidaying with the same group of friends and family have been doing so for an average of almost seven years.

Nearly a fifth (17%) say going away as a group means they benefit from a “free-cation”. Surprisingly, adults aged between 35-44 are just as likely to rely on mum and dad for an all-expenses paid trip as young professionals aged 25-34 (14%). People in East Anglia are most likely to go on group holidays to get a free break (26%), followed by the South East (21%) and Yorkshire & Humber (14%).

Whether benefiting from a “free-cation” or not it is important to make sure everyone in the group has arranged travel insurance. Our travel insurance can cover up to 9 people on one policy making it ideal for friends and family travelling together in a group.

Commenting on the findings, Simon Warsop, business development director at Aviva, said: “It seems the days of rushing off to escape home life are behind us with friends and family now an integral part of our holiday plans. Holidays are a great time to get away from the daily grind and spend a bit of quality time with our nearest and dearest.

“It is perhaps not surprising therefore, to see that nine out of ten surveyed said they would happily go on a holiday as part of the same group again in the future.”

Top ten reasons why people go on holidays with extended family and friends

  1. To spend quality time with friends and family
  2. To do more exciting activities as a group
  3. To share the costs and have a bit more luxury
  4. To share childcare and children’s activities
  5. Afford nicer accommodation
  6. To get a free holiday
  7. To make up for the lack of time spent together during the rest of the year
  8. To get a break from babysitting
  9. To have the comfort and company of friends and family when on holiday
  10. To visit friends and family who moved abroad

According to the research, the holiday of choice for this group of travellers is a relaxing beach holiday (45%), followed a cultural city break (16%) and enriching sightseeing trip (12%). When it comes to choice of accommodation, hotels are most favoured with almost two in five (39%) staying at a hotel for the convenience and the peace of mind it offers.

Methodology and research methods:

¹Aviva commissioned the research with OnePoll, who interviewed 2000 GB adults online between 3rd April 2013 – 5th April 2013.

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