You had to be there, we were

During recent floods, we were there

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Speaker 1:

Heard you've said some damage to your property. Was it with the rain there?

Speaker 2:

It was unfortunately, yes. It was fine when I woke in the morning, but when I got back from work it was coming down the walls inside.

Mr Sowden:

I woke up about eight o'clock, looked out the window. There was a Lake in the back field which was very big. There was a car by the bridge, Nidd bridge, just up at the junction, that had been submerged in water so they had to get a rescue. The water progressively came up and then all of a sudden, just before about I think it was nine o'clock, it came up by about two feet. I evacuated to upstairs. I tell you, couldn't do anything because it was waist deep. Once the sud water had disappeared and gone down to Wellington boot level I could wonder about a little bit and assess what had happened. Then I started to think about what I was going to do.

Wayne King:

The first storm that affected a lot of properties obviously. We went out to all these properties. Then the following few days we had another storm warning. I actually worked over the weekend, just ringing customers, just to make sure that they were okay and just to see if the properties had actually been flooded again.

Mr Dunleavy:

We rang Aviva on Sunday afternoon and near enough every day since we've had communication. Kitchen ripped out in good time. Loss adjuster has been. Phone calls, communication, everything has just been phenomenal. Great.

Mr Sowden:

I'm quite amazed how good the service has been, to be honest. If you want 10 stars you've got 10 stars, as far as I'm concerned.

Rabbits, geckos and birds — meet the stars of our new ad

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We see some footage of the ad interspersed with behind he’s scenes, making of shots.

We cut to a scene in the ad

Kate VO: “I’ve just crashed into a pet shop”

We cut back to switching between making of footage and the actual ad.

Reptile carer: “The preparation that I usually do for reptiles; we have to make sure they’re kept nice and warm throughout the car journey and all the time that they’re on set”

We focus on the reptiles and see the making of those scenes.

Reptile carer: “So the production team today have been fully behind all of my advice so if I said, “Look it’s starting to get cold now”, they’d understand completely and say “look Mark, take it off”.

We focus on the reptiles and see the making of those scenes.

Rabbit carer: “These rabbits can cope with that situation; they’ve been trained to deal with that. So, we only ever use animals that have been trained and are happy to deal with whatever the situation is in each film set.”

We focus on the rabbits and see the making of those scenes.

Covid Supervisor: “we follow both APA guidelines and government guidelines, and these include things like temperature checking when we arrive on set, use of masks, both inside and we recommend using them outside when on the set as well for the extra safety barriers. You also have people like me who are Covid supervisors and can come on board just to keep everyone safe and as an additional reminder and sort of monitor that everyone is following all the rules as they should be."

We see footage of Covid precautions before cutting back to the end of the ad.