Car security methods by percentage

The chart shows what the most common methods people use to keep their cars safe are by percentage.

  • The biggest percentage — and most common thing people use to secure their cars — is a car alarm (54%). 
  • The second most common thing people use is a car immobiliser (36%). 
  • Three percent of people don’t know what they use to secure their car. 


Percentage value presented on the image:

Car security methods Percentage
Car alarm 54%
Car immobiliser 36%
Dashcam 20%
Car key protector 16%
Steering, gearstick or handbrake locks 13%
I don't use any security features or devices to protect my vehicle 12%
Tracking system 12%
Video security system to monitor vehicle 11%
Locked gates on your driveway 10%
Tire and rim locks 8%
Warning sticker 7%
Marking/etching 7%
Parking post or retractable bollard on the drive 6%
I don't know 3%
Other (please specify) 1%


This is a bar chart where the different percentages are shown in dark green horizontal bars. The bar represents security methods people take to keep their cars safe by percentage. The longer the bar, the bigger the percentage. Each bar represents a different security method. The chart is arranged so that the most common item is on the top, and it descends from there in order to the bottom. The percentages may not add up to 100% because it’s possible to choose more than one answer.