The chart shows what items people leave in cars by percentage.

  • The biggest percentage — and the most common stolen item — relates to general valuables like wallets, handbags, briefcases, or cash (39%). 
  • The second most common stolen item is exterior fittings (19%), and the third most common is electrical equipent like satnavs or DVD players (13%).
  • The least common stolen items are fuel, cameras, and their house keys (1%).


Percentage value presented on the image:

Most commonly stolen items Percentage
Valuables 39%
Exterior fittings 19%
Electrical equipment 13%
Tools 10%
Other (non-vehicle parts) 8%
Other (vehicle parts) 8%
Glasses, sunglasses, and spectacles
Various household items or gadgets 5%
Food, toiletries and cigarettes 5%
CDs. tapes, videos and DVDs 4%
Mobile phone 3%
Car radio 2%
Wheels 2%
Fuel 1%
Camera 1%
House keys 1%


This is a bar chart where the different percentages are shown in dark green horizontal bars. The bar represents the most commonly stolen items by percentage. The longer the bar, the bigger the percentage. Each bar represents a different item. The chart is arranged so that the most common item is on the top, and it descends from there in order to the bottom. The percentages may not add up to 100% because it’s possible to choose more than one answer.