Road to reform: Driving a better deal for motor insurance customers

Road to reform: Driving a better deal for motor insurance customers

Aviva’s latest “Road to Reform” report reveals that customers could save an average of £43 if the Government are to go through with their proposed reforms to personal injury. There is some great consumer research on page 5 which is particularly striking.

As the UK’s leading insurer, Aviva believe that everyone is entitled to fairly priced insurance to protect what is important to them. However, the current UK motor insurance market is a system of spiralling costs which prioritises compensation and encourages exaggerated and opportunistic personal injury claims.

In the Autumn Statement last November, the Government made the first progressive step towards making it harder for people to claim compensation for exaggerated or fraudulent whiplash claims. The Chancellor announced proposals to end the right to cash compensation in low severity injuries. However, in order to have the desired impact it is vital that these reforms do not get diluted as they progress into legislation later this year.

Aviva is committed to identifying and proactively working to reduce such incidences of fraud. Since 2013 we have led the call for fundamental legislative change to cut motor premiums and combat fraudulent whiplash claims via our Road to Reform campaign. Our plan is simple: treat minor, short-term injuries with rehabilitation instead of cash awards; raise the threshold at which lawyers – who add cost to motor claims – are involved, and ban all referral fees.

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