So, who are Britain's safest drivers?

Are you Britain’s safest driver?

It’s always a great debate:

Who’s the best driver, you or your partner?

What about in your family?

…Or even in Britain?

No matter how good you think you are, it’s easy to get distracted. So for our #DriveSafer campaign, we’re challenging you to take our fun Distraction Quiz, and settle once and for all who the safest drivers in Britain really are. So far, over 60,000 of you have taken our quiz and the results are in…

Women who took the quiz are often distracted more than men

That’s right, 14% of women were often distracted, compared to 10% of men.

But 89% of men were sometimes distracted, overtaking women at 85%.

For both genders, nearly 9/10 drivers were sometimes distracted behind the wheel.

Over 65’s who took our quiz are much safer than under 65’s

Just 7% of over 65’s were often distracted, but for under 65’s it came to 15% – that’s more than double! Are smartphones to blame?

English quiz-takers were distracted the most

It was close – 13% of English drivers were often distracted (nearly 1 in 6!), with Wales and Scotland tied at 11%.

Sorry England.

Not what you expected? Of course, these results are only based on how you answered our fun quiz – our Drive app is a much better judge of your driving.  

The Aviva Drive app monitors your driving skills – tracking your braking, accelerating and cornering techniques as you drive. It’s based on how you drive, not who you are. Once you’ve driven 200 miles, the app gives you a score out of 10, with safer drivers scoring 7.1 or higher.

It’s given us some fascinating stats about Britain’s best and worst drivers – take a look below, and join the debate by tweeting with #DriveSafer!


Going head to head

  Who got the highest score?

Daughters or sons? Go on girls! 58% of daughters scored 7.1% or more compared to 54% of sons. 
Under 30s or over 30s? Experience triumphs over age, with over 30s scoring an averge of 7.8 with under 30s getting an average of 7.4. 
City or country?  City drivers do it best, with 54% of them scoring over 7.1 vs 46% of country folk. 
Dads or daughters?  Dads have done it again, with 60% scoring over 7.1 vs 58% of their daughters. 
Mums or dads?  Our app data reckons Dads are safer behind the wheel, with 60% of them scoring over 7.1 vs 57% of mums. 
Under 60s or over 60s?  It's the older generation who take this one, with the over 60s scoring an average of 8.2 vs their young counterparts, who scored an average of 7.6. 
Women or men?  It was a close call, but men just about pipped women to the post, with 47% scoring 7.1 or over vs 45% of women (so close!). 

Take the challenge yourself

If you’re up for a challenge, be part of making Britain’s roads safer and download the Aviva Drive app. Aviva Drive automatically records your car journeys through your GPS, so you don’t need to worry about turning it on. Safer drivers scoring 7.1 or more could save an average of £150 on Aviva comprehensive car insurance, a saving we expect 47% of safer drivers to achieve.  Based on policies bought direct from Aviva between January and June 2016. Discount is available on first car per policy and depends on score and price - minimum £200. Discount does not apply to optional extras. Compatible handset required. Data charges may apply.

Download the Aviva Drive app now >

Make the Brake Pledge for Road Safety Week

As a leading UK insurer, we know only too well how road accidents can change lives. So we’ve joined up with Brake to promote Road Safety Week, coming up this November. No matter how good your Aviva Drive app score is, there’s always something you can do to drive safer – so make the Brake Pledge now to stay:

1.    Slow – always stay within speed limits and slow down to 20 mph in communities

2.    Sober – never drive after taking drugs or drinking alcohol

3.    Secure – make sure everyone belts up on every journey

4.    Silent – never make calls, text or use social media when driving

5.    Sharp – have regular eye tests, at least every two years and never drive while tired or stressed

6.    Sustainable – try to use public transport, walk and cycle as much as possible

 Once you’ve pledged, share it – you might just save a life.


 Source: Aviva Drive data analysis 1st Jan 13 - 1st Nov 15.

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