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You asked: What does the Government give my family when I die?

When you die, the Government may give your family some benefits to help with costs and expenses, but only if they meet certain conditions.

  • If your family is on a low income and needs financial help to pay for a funeral, a one-off funeral payment from the Social Fund may be available. However, they may have to repay some or all of this money from your estate.
  • Your widowed husband, wife or surviving civil partner may be eligible for a bereavement payment. That's a one-off lump sum of £2,000, tax-free.
  • He or she may also be eligible to claim a bereavement allowance - a taxable weekly benefit, which they might receive for up to 52 weeks after your death.

The financial support that these benefits can offer is very limited and may not remove the need for life insurance.

(Source:, 2015)

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