Couples health insurance

Joint health insurance can come in handy

What is joint health insurance?

We all know that sharing is caring. If you’re prioritising your physical and mental wellbeing by getting private health cover, why not add your significant other at the same time? Joint health insurance, or couples’ health insurance covers both you and your spouse or partner. The benefits are the same as they’d be under an individual plan, but there’s no need to bicker over the best spot on the sofa or who gets the last biscuit here. Your joint plan will give you both access to prompt private medical care in the UK if and when you need it.


How couples’ health insurance works

When you get a quote or take out health cover with us, you’ll have the option to include your partner. You’ll need to tell us some personal details and answer questions about your medical histories. Then it’s just a case of choosing the level of cover that’s right for you both. You can find out more about our health insurance here.

And if you’ve already got health insurance with us, you can get in touch to add your partner to your policy at any time.

Once you’ve picked your benefits and your premiums are set up, joint cover works much the same as individual cover. If anyone on your policy gets sick or injured, they’ll just need a referral from their GP to make a claim and begin their private treatment journey.

If you’re curious to learn more about the ins and outs of health insurance, you can head over to our handy FAQ.


The benefits of couples’ health insurance

Both you and your partner will be covered under one policy and have access to all the same brilliant benefits, such as:

  •  access to health care at a wide range of private hospitals and treatment units
  •  cancer care from diagnosis, through to treatment and into aftercare as standard under our cancer pledge
  •  access to our full suite of wellbeing services, including mental health support and our Aviva Digital GP app. Find out more about our wellbeing services here.

You could also pocket some pennies to save for date night. Having a joint policy could work out cheaper than having two lots of individual cover. Plus, you’ll only have one premium coming out, so your bank statement stays a little less cluttered and you’ll have less admin to handle.

And with our health insurance it’s not just two that’s company, but three, four or even five isn’t a crowd. In fact, there’s no limit to how many children you can add to your plan, so our health insurance can grow with your family. And if your children are all aged under 20, you’ll only need to pay for your eldest child.


With Healthier Solutions, you’re both covered

Who says insurance can’t be romantic? Show your partner you care by adding them to your health cover. You might just find you’re speaking their love language.

And once you’re set up, making a claim is much easier than deciding who does the washing up tonight. You’re only ever three steps away from getting the treatment you need.


  • Reach out to your GP

    Your first step is to get checked out by your doctor or through our digital GP app.* Let them know you’ve got health insurance with us and ask for an open referral for your treatment.

  • Make a claim

    Contact us to make a claim. We’ll ask a few questions about your health and referral. If your claim’s approved, you’ll be able to start private treatment. Get in touch by calling 0800 068 5821 or log in to MyAviva.

  • We'll pay the tab

    Unless you’ve gone over your benefit limit or you have an excess, you won’t need to lift a finger for this part. We'll settle any eligible claims with your healthcare provider.

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 * These services are non-contractual and can be withdrawn by Aviva at any time.


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