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AvivaPlus Car Insurance

Customers told us the things they dislike most about insurance. We listened and created AvivaPlus to start addressing some of these.

Insurance the way it should be

  • Pay monthly, with no interest
  • Change cover or cancel with no admin fees
  • Choose from 3 levels of cover - basic, regular and premium
  • Speedy quotes

Recognising your loyalty

  • 10% off if you're already with Aviva, buy cover for more than one car or buy AvivaPlus Car and Home 1

Choose Basic, Regular or Premium

We'll ask you to choose one of three levels of cover and add any extra protection you need. We know things change - you can change or cancel your cover level, or add or remove extra protection with no admin fee.

This table compares what’s covered under AvivaPlus Basic, Regular and Premium Car insurance.

  Basic Regular Premium
Car cover Accident, fire and theft (excluding glass) Comprehensive Comprehensive
Glass (including windscreens)      
Courtesy car Optional Standard
Option to upgrade to Enhanced


Cover for hire car excess      
Driving other people's cars Third party Third party Comprehensive
(you must activate it beforehand)
Personal belongings   £150 £2,000
Onward travel after an accident Home only Home or onward travel options Home or onward travel options
Motor Legal Services Optional Optional Included
Foreign use   Optional  

All car use covers social, domestic, pleasure and commuting for main and all drivers. The main driver and partner, if they're a named driver, are also covered for personal business use.

MultiCar Insurance

  • Save 10% when you add extra cars. Discount doesn't apply to extra protection
  • Only pay for what you need – add any no claim discount and choose excess and cover options for each car
  • Up to 5 vehicles on one policy. All cars must be registered at the same address

The benefits for you

Everyone with AvivaPlus Car Insurance gets these benefits:

Uninsured driver promise

If your car is involved in an accident caused by an uninsured motorist, we refund any excess you paid us. We’ll need the other driver’s name, contact details and vehicle registration

Transport home or to your destination

If your car is damaged and isn’t safe to drive, we'll get you and your passengers back home. Or, if you have Regular or Premium cover, we'll take you all to your destination, or pay for an overnight stay up to £150 2

Cover for malicious damage

If your car is damaged by vandals or thieves, we’ll pay to repair it and your no claims discount isn’t affected

What each cover looks like


The most complete cover. It covers fire, theft and damage to your own car as well as your legal liability for damage to other people's vehicles or property. It also covers your legal liability for injury to others if you cause an accident.

Third party, fire and theft

If your car is stolen or damaged by fire or attempted theft, you’re covered. If your car is damaged in an accident, repairs to your car aren’t covered. If you cause the accident, the ‘third party’ part of this cover means your insurer would pay for the repairs and costs of the other vehicle(s) involved – not for yours. This cover includes your legal liability for injury to others if you cause an accident.

Accident, fire and theft (excluding glass)

This cover is less than Comprehensive but more than Third party, fire and theft. Glass damage isn’t covered unless it was damaged in an accident, fire or theft. If a stone damages your windscreen, you'd have to pay for glass to be repaired or replaced yourself.

Third party only

This covers only your legal liability if you cause an accident which injures other people and/or damages their vehicles or property. For motor vehicles, ‘third party only’ is the minimum insurance required by law in the UK.

What we offer

AvivaPlus Car Insurance Aviva Car insurance
Accident, fire and theft (excluding glass)    
Third party, fire and theft    
Third party only    

It's worth checking your price for Comprehensive insurance - Third party, fire and theft or Third party only cover aren't always cheaper.

Go Multi-cover get 10% off

Buy Home and Car cover, or cover more than one car (up to a maximum of five) on the same policy and we'll give you 10% off your price, excluding some extra protection. Excludes Aviva Online and Aviva Premium car insurance products 1.

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Or already with us? Get 10% off

You may qualify for a discount if you're already with Aviva. We'll automatically include it in your price if you qualify. The discount excludes some extra protection. Excludes Aviva Online and Aviva Premium car insurance products 1.

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Extra protection

When you get a quote, we'll ask if you need to add any of these extra services. You can add these with no extra admin fee.

Find out more about our extra protection covers (PDF 634 KB)

Motor legal services

Expert legal support for you and the named drivers. If you have an accident, we also support any passengers who were in the car at the time. Included with Premium cover.

Motor Injury Protection Plus

Financial peace of mind if you, your partner or named drivers are injured in an accident in the insured car. Not available with Basic cover.

UK breakdown cover

Cover for your car, regardless of who's driving it when it breaks down. Choose from four different levels of cover. Not available with Basic cover.

Foreign use

Comprehensive cover while you're using your car abroad. Not available with Basic cover. Included with Premium cover.

Protect your no claim discount

Your price won’t go up as a direct result of making one claim. Not available with Basic cover.

Courtesy car

We make sure you can carry on driving if your car is damaged, written off or stolen. Available for Basic, included for Regular and Premium cover.

What happens if you need to claim

The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can help you. Here’s what happens if you need to make a claim.

Step 1

Let us know

Log in to MyAviva to make a claim online.

You'll need your policy number to start your claim – so it's a good idea to have this to hand.

If it is an emergency please call us anytime on 0345 030 6925 ^.

Step 2

We'll work out how to help

We take a look at your claim, review photos or documents you've sent us and ask you for details of anyone else involved. Then our experts work out how to best help.

Step 3

We respond quickly

As soon as we can, we'll be in touch to sort things out. Depending on your cover, we'll organise repairs to get you back on the road. Or if your car can't be fixed, we work with you to settle your claim.

Driving abroad?

For information on Green Cards or how Brexit may impact your Aviva policies please visit our FAQs.

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