Renewal Price Guarantee

With our renewal price guarantee, we make sure your next renewal price is the same or even better than if you were a new customer to AvivaPlus. We have put together some helpful faqs below to answer questions you may have.

What does 'renewal price guarantee' mean?

We make sure your next renewal price is the same or even better than if you were a new customer to AvivaPlus. Everyone who buys AvivaPlus insurance is eligible for the renewal price guarantee.

The guarantee doesn’t mean we promise to match prices with competitors or that your renewal price will be cheaper or the same as last year. 

How do you make the price comparison?

When we invite you to renew with us, we review the price we automatically generate for you with the price we’d charge a new customer to AvivaPlus for a new quote, for 12 months, calculated the same day on a like-for-like basis. 'Like-for-like' means:

  • Exactly the same cover
    The same level of cover (Basic, Regular or Premium) same claims history, same optional extra protection and, if it’s car insurance, the same car.
  • For you
    With the same details at the same address, and the same joint policyholder, occupants, or named drivers.
  • With or without a discount for buying online
    If you bought your first AvivaPlus policy online, we gave you a discount of up to 15% 1. For long as you stay with us, this discount applies. So if you have this discount, we include it in the price comparison.

Want to check the price for yourself? We’ll do this for you automatically when we calculate your renewal price. Remember, our prices change daily. The renewal price guarantee applies to your price on the day we write to you about renewing. This means if you ask us for a like-for-like quote before or after this date, the price we quote might be different from the price in our email or letter. 

How long is the guarantee valid for?

If you buy AvivaPlus insurance and we’ve told you the renewal price guarantee applies, it applies to your next renewal. If you choose to renew with us, we’ll let you know if the guarantee will apply to the renewal after that.

This guarantee is important to how AvivaPlus works and how we want to take care of our customers, so we have no plans to remove it. However, there may be reasons why we need to. 

If we decide to remove the guarantee and it was in place when you bought your AvivaPlus policy, we’ll honour it for your next renewal for that policy and explain what’s happening when we write to you about renewing.

Could I get a cheaper price if I was a new customer to AvivaPlus compared to my renewal price?

There are some situations when you might be able to get a cheaper new quote with us, for example:

  • We give you a quote on a different day from your renewal quote. Prices change daily so your quote might be cheaper. (Of course, it could be more expensive too.)
  • The quote isn’t like-for-like.
  • The new quote includes an online discount of up to 15% 1. If you didn’t have this discount when you first bought your AvivaPlus policy, your renewal price won’t include it either.
  • If we’re running an offer for Aviva customers and the new quote includes this offer.

What’s excluded from the guarantee?

When we make the comparison of your renewal price with the price we’d charge if you were a new customer to AvivaPlus, we exclude any offers we’ve made to existing customers.

If we add new products, these may have additional terms. For example, if we add Travel insurance to AvivaPlus and there are any other exceptions to how the guarantee applies to the Travel renewal price, we’d explain these clearly when you buy the additional policy.

The guarantee only applies to AvivaPlus insurance. If you bought your car or home insurance direct from Aviva and you’d like to benefit from this guarantee, check to see if you can change your cover to AvivaPlus. If you decide to change, we’ll waive any cancellation fee.

Why is my renewal price more than I paid last year?

Our renewal price guarantee means you won’t pay more to renew your AvivaPlus cover than you would pay if you were a new customer to AvivaPlus. It doesn’t mean your price will be cheaper or the same as last year. If your price is higher than last year, it would be higher if you were a new customer too.

Lots of factors affect your insurance price. See your home insurance price explained and your car insurance price explained for more information.

Why is it cheaper to buy AvivaPlus online rather than over the phone?

We give a discount of up to 15% to encourage you to buy your cover online. This is because by buying online rather than calling, you’re keeping the cost down for us and we pass this saving onto you 1.

If you had this discount when you first bought your AvivaPlus policy, your renewal price will include it too.

What happens to the guarantee if I buy another AvivaPlus policy before I renew?

If you buy more cover, we align your AvivaPlus policies so they all renew on the same day. The guarantee applies to all AvivaPlus Home and Car policies.

If for some reason we have to withdraw the guarantee and you then buy another AvivaPlus policy, when you renew, the guarantee would only apply to the policy/policies you bought before we removed the guarantee.

Will you extend the guarantee to other types of insurance?

We want to extend the benefits of AvivaPlus to new products and services. To help us decide how to do this and what to offer, we’ll listen to feedback from our customers. For any new services we offer, we might need to apply different terms to how the renewal price guarantee works but we’d always explain these clearly.