What’s your driving personality?

What’s your driving personality?

What’s your driving personality?

 At Aviva, we’re keen to do all we can to help make Britain’s roads safer.

 In our recent television ad, the Joliffe-Austin family took up our Good Thinking challenge to find out who is the safest driver among them.

Even in the same family, you find people who are like chalk and cheese. And these differences affect how each of us behaves when we get behind the wheel.

As part of our campaign to help make Britain’s roads safer, YouGov carried out online research on behalf of Aviva in conjunction with The Telegraph to find out more about different driving personalities,

Between 7 and 9 December 2015, YouGov surveyed 1,094 UK drivers, looking at their driving behaviour, perceptions and opinions. They then carried out a cluster analysis and identified five types of people who share key driving traits:

  • The Know-it-all
  • The Peacemaker
  • The Safety Stickler
  • The Uneasy Rider
  • The Speedster

As you’d expect, drivers in each category showed distinct characteristics and attitudes to driving. In turn, that leads to different approaches to driving and road safety. But most importantly, identifying with a category is good thinking. It may help you drive safer and be more mindful of your behaviour when you’re behind the wheel.

Find out which category you fall into

Why not take the quiz yourself? See which driving personality you identify with then read safety tips for your specific profile and learn how to help improve your driving skills. You can also find out:

what makes each driving personality tick

what driving behaviour gets their goat, and

what they think about tighter road rules.

Answer the quiz questions honestly and it may surprise you to find out which driving personality you are.

Get more information about safer driving

Over the coming weeks, Aviva and The Telegraph will reveal more about what we’ve learned from this survey, so make sure you keep checking back to find out what’s new.

At The Telegraph’s road to better driving hub, you can also find a wealth of information about safer driving, including:

Five driving mistakes you don’t even know you’re making

Would you pass your driving test now?

Are you a risk on the road

Six clever ways to entertain kids in the car

The future of driving

If you’re interested in being a safer driver, visit the Aviva website to learn more about our safer driving campaign. You can even take up our good thinking safer driving challenge.

Get involved with our online campaign to improve road safety using #DriveSafer.


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