Common myths and driving misconceptions

Common myths and driving misconceptions

Driving tips

You've heard the myths - now hear the facts!

There are many myths and misconceptions about driving. Here are the UK's Top Ten!

  1. You don't need to tell your car insurance company if you have less than six points on your licence!

    FICTION - you do, as any points received for previous offences must be declared - regardless of how many or how long ago. Not doing so can invalidate your motor insurance policy.

  2. Any claim on your car insurance policy can lose you all no claims discount!

    FICTION - unless you have only two years or less no claims discount this will not happen. In the event of a claim, Aviva and many other car insurance companies will drop you just two places, allowing you to retain some of your no claims discount.

    Your no claims discount is generally only affected if the claim is your fault, unless you are unable to recover the cost of your claim from a third party.

    Two claims in one policy year and your no claims discount will be lost, unless you have bought an optional extra such as protected or guaranteed no claims cover.

  3. You can fool a speed camera!

    FICTION. Modern digital speed camera technology will capture a number plate in all conditions.

  4. You can spoof a speed camera with unreadable, highly reflective plates!

    FICTION - there isn't a number plate for sale anywhere that can reflect the flash of a speed camera and make the number plate unreadable.

  5. Speed cameras not automatically followed by white marker lines on the road cannot catch you!

    FICTION. There are many speed cameras not followed by white marker lines on the road that are in full working order.

  6. The police can't book you for driving too slowly!

    FICTION - yes, they can. If an officer thinks your driving is a risk to other road users, even if you are driving slowly, you can be booked.

  7. Some police officers play 'snooker' when booking speeding motorists!

    FICTION - no evidence exists that officers target cars in the potting sequence of a snooker game, making red cars highly vulnerable to being pulled over.

  8. A police officer must be wearing their helmet to book you for a traffic offence!

    FICTION - it's an old, old myth. A police officer just needs to be recognisable as a police officer when booking a motorist.

  9. Examiners only pass a certain number of people per day and if you have test later in the day then you will probably fail!

    FICTION - if you are competent, you will pass, whatever the time of day.

  10. You can't pick up points for speeding in a hire car!

    FICTION. The hire company has to notify the authorities with the name of the person who rented the car at the time of the offence. Therefore, the driver will still incur the penalty!

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