Insurance equality - what it means for your insurance

Insurance equality - what it means for your insurance

The European Court of Justice equality ruling means that from 21 December 2012 we can no longer use gender when we generate a price for a car, van or motorcycle insurance policy. In the past, insurers have been allowed to use the fact that men's and women's driving habits can differ greatly and the prices we currently charge reflect this difference. The ECJ has now ruled that taking this into account as a risk factor in insurance contracts should no longer be allowed. This means that insurers will not be able to use gender as a rating factor when calculating premiums.

When will insurance premiums be affected?

The UK government's view is that the judgement only applies to insurance policies (which includes renewals) taken out from 21 December 2012.

What are we doing?

We're making sure all the necessary changes are made to our systems to offer unisex pricing for our car, van and motorcycle customers from 21 December 2012.

These changes don't necessarily mean motor insurance prices for all females will rise.

At Aviva our prices are based on many factors such as type/age of your car, mileage, whether you've made any claims, how long you've held a licence, where you keep your car overnight and the cover you choose etc.

Some factors which determine price

  • Make, model and age of your vehicle
  • Driver's age, claims & convictions
  • Your mileage
  • Where you live
  • Where your vehicle is kept overnight
  • The cover you choose
  • How long you've held a licence

Will my current policies be affected?

If you have a current motor insurance policy with us this will be affected from your renewal date after 21 December 2012. New policies taken out from 21 December will also be affected. When your renewal time comes we'll contact you with your personalised renewal price as usual, and if you have any queries please contact us on the number provided. Our home insurance and breakdown cover will not be affected by this new ruling as we do not use gender in pricing of these products.

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