Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint

How to be a greener and more fuel efficient driver - you can make a difference

We are all aware of the need to be greener in the way we use our cars. There is a lot you can do to decrease CO2 emissions and be more economical with fuel by following these simple tips.

DO make a short journey by foot or bike if you can.

  • Cars use more fuel and produce more emissions when starting from cold.
  • Plus, many short journeys can harm your engine.

DO share a car when you can.

  • If a friend is planning the same journey, share a car and cut emissions.

DO make sure your tyre pressures are right.

  • Better fuel economy.
  • Your tyres will last longer - and you'll be safer too!

DO try to use as low engine revs as you can.

  • Get into higher gear quickly.
  • Lower fuel consumption, lower your emissions and make less noise.

DO turn off your engine if you're stationary for a long time, eg in a traffic jam.

DO use your car's momentum on the motorway to lower fuel consumption

  • Keep pace with the traffic.
  • Ease off the accelerator downhill or before you brake.
  • Change lanes on the motorway early to avoid speeding up and slowing down.

DO remove unnecessary weight from your car.

  • Do you need all that gear in the boot?
  • If not, take it out and you'll improve your fuel economy!
  • Air-conditioning or climate control can increase fuel consumption by up to 10%
  • Only use it when you need it, for instance in the summer.
  • In winter, turn it on once a week for a couple of minutes at full power to keep the system in good shape.

When you come to change your car, why not consider alternative fuels? There are plenty of options that all reduce emissions and are kinder to the environment. Plus, some may attract a lower car insurance premium and lower car tax from reduced emissions.

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