What is a car insurance excess?

In an ideal world, accidents wouldn’t happen, but sometimes they do. That’s why you have car insurance. If you make a claim, your insurance company will pay the costs, but you’ll have to pay a certain amount towards it. This is known as your excess and it stays the same no matter how big your claim is.

The amount you pay will depend on:

  • the type of cover you have
  • your age
  • the type of car you have
  • how much you’ve chosen to pay as an excess

Third party fire and theft cover

If you take out third party fire and theft insurance with us, you’ll have a compulsory excess of £250. This will remain the same at all times and you can’t change it.

Comprehensive cover

With our comprehensive car insurance, you’ll have a standard excess of £350, but you can opt to change this.

If you choose a lower excess, your premium is likely to go up. On the other hand, if you opt to pay a higher excess if you make a claim, this will likely reduce your premium.

If you’re a young driver aged under 25 years, you’ll have an additional excess to pay on top of your standard excess. You will also have to pay an extra excess if you choose to use a repairer who isn’t on our list of approved repairers. We highly recommend you use one of our approved repairers If you choose to use a non-approved repairer, you’ll have to pay an additional excess of £200. The table below shows the different excesses:


Standard excess


Reduce excess to

£150 or £250

Increase excess to

£450, £550, £800, £1,050

Glass replacement


Glass repair


Non-approved repairer


Young drivers

17-20 years

Additional £300

21-24 years

Additional £200

Can I change my excess part way through my policy term?

Unless you’re changing your vehicle, we wouldn’t usually consider reducing your excess once your policy has started.

How do I pay the excess?

In most circumstances, when you make a successful claim we’ll pay minus the excess. If your vehicle is repaired, you will have to pay the excess to the repairer.

Will I get my excess back?

If you make a claim for fire, theft or an accident/damage that was your fault, you won’t get your excess back.

If you were involved in an accident where it’s unclear whether you were at fault, you will have to pay an excess so we can authorise the repairs to your vehicle. However, if further investigation into your claim proves the incident wasn’t your fault, you will be able to recover your excess from the responsible driver/their insurance.

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