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Video transcript

Video transcript

If you injure someone or damage their property in an accident, all UK motor insurance policies cover your legal liability. This means your insurance covers any compensation the innocent party is entitled to. If you chose a comprehensive policy, damage to your vehicle is also covered.

But what if you’re involved in an accident that’s not your fault? You could approach a solicitor or claims management company to pursue a case against the other driver, but it won’t cover all your legal costs or the other party’s costs if you lose.

Following changes in the law from April 2013, the only way to be sure any compensation you are due won’t be reduced by your legal costs is to protect yourself up front through legal expenses insurance. If you don’t do this you could lose up to 25% of the compensation to cover the cost of using a legal expert even if you win your case.

Our legal services option provides up to £100,000 to pay your lawyer’s costs if you pursue compensation from the driver who is to blame. For example, you may want to recover costs such as your excess, travel expenses, or compensation for any injuries.

We’ll appoint an independent lawyer to discuss your case with you. If it’s likely your case will be successful then the appointed lawyer will represent you. We’ll also pay your legal costs if your claim doesn’t succeed.

Our legal option also covers up to £10,000 to pay lawyer’s costs to help defend you if you’ve been prosecuted for a motoring offence such as a speeding fine, and you can get free confidential legal advice from our 24 hour UK help line on any motoring issue such as selling your car privately. All you pay for is the phone call.

To purchase legal cover, simply add it to your policy.

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